Media studies

Jonathan Rauch on the social media revolution that wasn't

In this interview, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and Public Knowledge Forum speaker Jonathan Rauch discusses the impact of social media on the media industry including its effects on public knowledge. He begins by the problems facing journalism today and the early promise of social media to help solve them.

Keywords: Social media; journalism; new media


Robert Schlesinger on analytics and audiences

In this interview, Managing Editor for Opinion at U.S. News and World Report Robert Schlesinger discusses how analytics, search engine results and third-party websites like the Drudge Report have shaped modern journalism. Schelsinger was in Australia as a speaker at the Centre's Public Knowledge Forum. He begins by weighing up the benefits and costs of intimately knowing your audience online.

Keywords: social media; journalism; new media; big data; online analytics


Rodney Taveira on The Wire and American TV

In this interview, Centre lecturer Rodney Taveira discusses the cult television show The Wire, what it reveals about American culture and how television offers a window into contemporary issues in the US. He begins by outlining our postgraduate event TV Nation: What The Wire, Girls and House of Cards can teach us about America.

Keywords: the Wire; TV; culture; mass media