Cultural studies

All about Oprah

A key to Oprah Winfrey's success has been her ability to make the personal public while keeping her distance from politics, says Dr Rebecca Sheehan. In this interview, Dr Sheehan also considers the effect Oprah has had on mainstream ideas about race and gender over the course of her 25 year career as a talk show host and media icon.

Keywords: Oprah; African-Americans; racial politics; gender


Sieglinde Lemke on poverty and inequality in America

In this interview, professor of American and Cultural Studies at the University of Freiburg and 2013-14 Centre visiting fellow Sieglinde Lemke discusses the prevalence, politics and representaton of poverty in America. She begins by discussing her forthcoming book PrecarioUS, which she has been researching during her fellowship, and how the term can be applied to America's lower and middle classes.

Keywords: poverty; income inequality; precariat; GFC


Celine Shimizu on Asian American experiences in film

In this interview, Centre visiting fellow Celine Shimizu discusses her work on the representation of Asian Americans and gender in film. She begins by discussing the research she is pursuing while at the Centre.

Keywords: ethnicity; Asian-Americans; gender; film


Rodney Taveira on The Wire and American TV

In this interview, Centre lecturer Rodney Taveira discusses the cult television show The Wire, what it reveals about American culture and how television offers a window into contemporary issues in the US. He begins by outlining our postgraduate event TV Nation: What The Wire, Girls and House of Cards can teach us about America.

Keywords: the Wire; TV; culture; mass media