Data Science

The United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney (USSC) has some exciting new developments in the ever-expanding world of data science.

Data science is becoming one of the most exciting areas of growth for new graduates, and one of the main contributors to the prediction that 65 per cent of today’s students will be employed in jobs that don’t exist yet.

The USSC, in collaboration with the Centre for Translational Data Science, and the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies are offering Australia’s first postgraduate program that focuses on social sciences in data analysis, as part of the following programs:

DATA5207 offers the cutting edge in futurism, combining skills in data training with its practical usage across a broad range of industries: criminology, policy, marketing, finance, health innovation, the arts, urbanism, urban design and education. As Brad Smith, President and Chief Legal Officer at Microsoft Corporation said in August 2017:

“In colleges today, two things seem clear: every computer science and engineering student needs to take some courses in the liberal arts, and every liberal arts student needs to take some courses in engineering and computer science.”

Students from outside the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies are also able to undertake DATA5207. The following programs have entrance pathways available:

"Data scientists…are in such high demand and low supply in the new era of big data that they are earning almost three times Australia’s average salary.”