Campus survival guide

The first thing to remember when you get to the University of Sydney is how big it is. It’s so big, it has its own postcode! This can make getting around pretty difficult.

Firstly, here is a map of our campus.

When you’re on campus, there’s plenty to do. First-off, you can join a society – the University of Sydney has been ranked #1 in student experience in Australia 10 years in a row by the National Union of Students. This is because we have more than 200 clubs and societies available for you to join.

Get involved in campus activities


We recommend joining the following societies to keep up-to-date with the activities we host year-round.

United States Studies Society (USS Soc): The USS Soc is one the fastest-growing and most diverse societies available on campus. From sports nights, to film screenings and political debates, the USS Soc caters to all with a keen interest in the United States. USS Soc on Facebook

United Nations Society (SUUNS): SUUNS is one of the largest societies on campus, and specialises in all things international relations. SUUNS hosts Model United Nations conferences, political quizzes and professional development opportunities, and has partnered with the United States Studies Centre on numerous events. SUUNS on Facebook | SUUNS website

Things to do on campus

International Student Lounge

The International Student Lounge is the ultimate hub for international students. There are rest areas, a library, computer lab, food facilities, and a games centre. Inside the games centre are old-school arcade machines, arcade games and board games. The games centre also hosts weekly pool tournaments.

Fisher Library

Fisher Library is the largest and oldest library on the University of Sydney campus. In addition to major refurbishments to encourage group and study opportunities, Fisher Library is open 24/7 meaning you have as long as you need to get that assignment just right. Take a virtual tour: 1 2 3 4 5

Manning Bar

The largest bar on campus, Manning Bar is a hub of activity, spanning three different levels. The areas include food courts, a bistro, bar and balconies to look over the university. Manning Bar hosts regular events, from society gatherings to international recording artists.

Hermann’s Bar

Hermann’s Bar is well regarded as the hub for Sydney University’s famous comedy scene. Hermann’s Bar is the main location on campus to find trivia nights and comedy, but also hosts live music gigs, and is right next to the Wentworth food court.

Sydney University Sport and Fitness Centre

Sydney University Sport and Fitness Centre has more than 40 different sports clubs to join, including American football, wrestling, skiing and karate. SUSF hosts summer sports, Australian classics, and other sports from around the world. The facilities are also world-class, including basketball courts, cricket fields, rugby fields, swimming pools, rock-climbing areas, and two gyms.

Things to do off-campus


Newtown is located right next to the University of Sydney campus, and is famous for the strong student culture that permeates the suburb. From artisanal cafes to global cuisine, Newtown offers a cosmopolitan experience for any wandering student. Things to do in Newtown


Redfern is the heart of Sydney’s Indigenous community, with a long and proud history connected to landmarks such as the Redfern Oval – the home of the area’s Rugby League team, The Rabbitohs. You’ll also find a number of quirky adventures to go on, including zero-gravity yoga, international art and the centre of Sydney’s famous brunch culture. Things to do in Redfern


We can bet you’ve heard of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House – and while they’re highly recommended, there are a tonne of other amazing sights and sounds to indulge in. Why not get a 360-degree view of the Sydney skyline at The Sydney Tower Eye? You can check out the street performers and art galleries at Circular Quay or discover Sydney’s Chinatown and Haymarket for a delicious meal. Things to do in the Sydney CBD


If there’s one thing that Sydney is known for, it’s beaches – outdoor pools, surfing beaches, coves, bays and stillwater beaches. There are beaches for every single taste all along the northern, eastern and southern parts of Sydney. Beaches in Sydney


There are plenty of accommodation options for when you come to Sydney, both on and off-campus. The trick to deciding is what your budget is, where you’d like to live, and who you’d like to live with (or if you’d like to live alone).

Residential Colleges

The University of Sydney has seven residential colleges that offer accommodation. Rich in tradition and history, these colleges engage with each other through debating, sport and social events, and offer students different services such as food, laundry and cleaning services.

In addition, International House is a residential college that is available exclusively to international students and is also on the University of Sydney campus. More about the residential colleges

Other on-campus accommodation

The University of Sydney has five university-run housing options that range from single bedrooms to self-contained studio apartments. Depending on the accommodation, there can be various perks including wi-fi, electricity, heating, security, cleaners and furnishings.

There are also three independent housing options available to international students.

Sydney University Village: Located within Newtown, there are options ranging from studio to four-bedroom apartments.

Urbanest on Cleveland: The ultimate university experience, these housing centres include gyms, cinemas, game rooms, and communal courtyards.

Stucco Student Cooperative: An independent student-run housing collective.

Off-campus accommodation

In addition, the University of Sydney has a database for students to check out local, affordable accommodation options.

Support services

The Student’s Representative Council (SRC) also has a number of services available to students, including a dedicated team of elected student representatives for the international student body. This group hosts meetings every Wednesday at 5pm during semester.

The SRC hosts a number of support services providing independent advice on academic, financial and accommodation issues.

The University of Sydney Union (USU) also hosts a number of activities and services for international students to help them settle in.