Uni-Capitol Washington Internship Programme

The Uni-Capitol Washington Internship Programme (UCWIP) offers Australian students an opportunity to intern in a range of US congressional offices for eight weeks from January to March each year.

Students enrolled in the Master of US Studies program are eligible to apply. Applications for the 2019 program will open in April of 2018.

Emma Lee
Master of US Studies student Emma Lee interned with Democratic congressman Sam Farr. “I attended briefings and hearings, sat in on Congressional debates on the big issues, toured the Pentagon, and even received a dedication in the Congressional Record. It was an amazing experience.”

UCWIP is a competitive program seeking bright, articulate students who can:

  • serve as ambassadors for Australia
  • understand and appreciate the American political system
  • and benefit from the experience academically, professionally and personally. 

UCWIP interns gain a unique perspective and access to the US political system and institutions. Placements are offered in both Democratic and Republican offices, personal offices and Committee staffs in the House and the Senate.

UCWIP was created in 1999 in Washington, DC, by Eric K. Federing, a former senior congressional advisor for twelve years.

Students must:

  • be an Australian citizen or a dual citizen of Australia
  • be enrolled in the Master of US Studies program at the US Studies Centre. If you began your Master of US Studies prior to Semester 1, 2015 you are still eligible to compete this internship, but it will require you to upgrade to the Master of Letters program. If you began your Master of US Studies program in 2015 or later you can complete the UCWIP internship as part of your capstone. For more information on this, please contact the postgraduate coordinator.

UCWIP traditionally organises optional accommodations for participants through Executive Apartments in northern Virginia. These sharehouse accommodations offer a common social experience to each annual group, as well as comfort, safety and security, and short daily commutes to their congressional host offices. While it is not a program requirement to live in these flats, all but two (with other personal interests and Washington, DC capabilities) have opted-in since UCWIP's inception. Those opting in are making a commitment to their fellow participants, to the program organiser, and to the accommodations provider. That commitment includes a non-refundable pre-payment in full by 1 November directly to Executive Apartments. The accommodation cost for 2017 was roughly US$3,800.