Program conditions

By submitting an application you agree to the following program conditions:

Selection criteria and application process

  • All applicants must be currently enrolled in any University of Sydney postgraduate degree (local or international).
  • All applicants must have submit a current (unoffical) transcript with their applications. If this is your first semester as a postgraduate student, please provide your undergraduate transcript.
  • All applications will only be accepted via the online application form.
  • Applications close on 19 November 2017 at midnight. No late applications will be accepted.

Important dates

Students are required to attend the full program from 15 February to 1 March 2018 and all pre departure lectures.

Before students submit their application, they must ensure that they can commit to the important dates.

Units of study

If students wish to receive credit for this program, they must enrol in USSC6910. This unit is currently cross-listed (and will count as an elective unit toward your degree) with the following postgraduate degrees: Master of US Studies, Master of International Relations, Master of International Security, Master of International Studies and Master of Public Policy. If you are enrolled in a Masters program not listed, please email Amelia to discuss options for credit.

Please find the draft course outline here.

*Please note that all students will be required to complete assesments and readings as noted in the course outline regardless of recieving credit for the program. This is to ensure that all students gain the most from their time in LA. This will allow for better discussions with classmates, guest lecturers and allow you to engage fully during site visits.


Students are required to sign and comply with the Behaviour Contract. All students are required to participate in the LA Field School fully and attend all activities unless physically unable to due to illness.

No student shall misrepresent the University of Sydney or the United States Studies Centre in any way. Inappropriate use of the institution's name and resources, either professionally or otherwise may result in the immediate termination of the student's involvement in the program.

The University of Sydney and the United States Studies Centre are entitled to remove any student from the program deemed to seriously misrepresent any of these organisations or the program as a whole.

For the full duration of the program, students must agree to abide by the US laws in relation to the legal age for consumption of alcohol.

Visa and travel arrangements

Students are responsible for their visa application and lodgement costs. Details on costs for a B1/B2 visa and the ESTA are available through the US Embassy. The US Studies Centre will only host a visa session and walk students through the visa application process for those applying for the B1/B2 visa. All other students are required to apply for an ESTA on their own.

Students are strongly advised to not make any international travel plans prior to the program start date until their US visas have been approved (both B1/B2 and ESTA). If for any reason a student has not received their visa before their early travel dates, they will be responsible for any fees for changing their flights.

The US Studies Centre will endeavour to ensure that students receive their visa in time for commencement of the program but will not take into consideration other travel plans.

Students are responsible for their own travel arrangements to and from Los Angeles. Students must arrive in LA on 15 February 2018 to check into their accommodation.

Students are required to attend all of the pre-departure lectures which will be held in early February 2018.

Students are covered by University insurance but it is their responsibility to understand the level of cover provided under the University policy and make their own arrangements to supplement the policy if need be.


A deposit of AU$1500 is due by 5 December 2017.

The full program fees are due no later than 12 January 2018.

Students are responsible for additional costs including visas, return airfares and transfers, food and entertainment costs and any other associated costs not covered in the program fee.

Refund policy

In the event that the LA field school is cancelled, or if your visa application is denied, students will receive 100% refund of program fees.

Upon accepting their offer, all students must pay a deposit of AU$1500, which will only be refunded if the program is cancelled, or if your visa is denied.

Students who withdraw from the LA Field School prior to close of business on 15 January 2018 will receive a full refund of any program fees paid, less the AU$1500 deposit.

Students who withdraw from the LA Field School after close of business on 15 January 2018 will not receive a refund of any fees paid.

Applications to withdraw from the LA Field School must be received in writing and lodged with the United States Studies Centre by the relevant date. The United States Studies Centre requests that students withdraw no later than 5 January 2018.


The United States Studies Centre will organise accommodation on the LA Field School.


Students consent that photographs or film recordings taken in connection with the LA Field School may be used for marketing purposes by the University of Sydney or the United States Studies Centre.


Student information as required for administering all aspects of the program will be transferred from the relevant faculties at the University of Sydney to the United States Studies Centre.