Spanish language program

Students in class

NEW for 2017!

We're always looking for ways to add even more to the USSC student experience so we're excited to offer a new opportunity for students to ‘internationalise’ their personal portfolio.

We’ve teamed up with the Centre for Continuing Education to provide free Spanish-language programs to undergraduate and postgraduate students who enrol in two or more of our units of study in Semester 1 or 2.

This is the perfect opportunity for students to learn a language relevant to their study, travel to, and work within the United States. In addition, CCE offers classes on a flexible mode which means that you can learn Spanish alongside your degree!


Students must have two subjects on their transcript after the relevant census date.

Eligible undergraduate subjects are:

Eligible postgraduate subjects are:

Students must inform the USSC of the class(es) they wish to enrol in according to the CCE’s intake dates for Spanish classes. Students must submit a copy of their timetable.

Upon submitting their interest in the Spanish classes to the USSC, students will be enrolled within the class that they nominated. If more than one class has been nominated, please note your preference in your communication with the USSC.

Students must nominate an intake for the six-month period around their eligible census period. Therefore, if you are eligible for a Spanish class after the Semester 1 census date, then you can enrol in an Autumn (April – July) or Winter (July – September) class. If you are eligible after the Semester 2 census date then you can enrol in a Spring (October – December) or Summer (January – April) program.

If you are unable to attend your class during the eligibility period, the USSC can make arrangements for a class in the next six-month period. The free Spanish class offer is null and void after four sessions (approx. one year) have passed.

Depending upon interest, there may be alternative dates offered outside of the CCE schedule. Please refer to the CCE schedule for an accurate timeline to work with.

Intake dates for Autumn and Winter classes close on 10 April 2017.

Intake dates for Spring and Summer classes close 25 September 2017.

Students will have their enrolment confirmed in the week following the nomination closing date.