Graduate outcomes

The United States Studies Centre has some of the strongest and most diverse industry links of any institution in Australia. Whether it is the Department of the Senate, the Sydney Morning Herald or even Congressional Committees in the United States, our graduates become leaders in their fields nationally and globally. Not only do we offer links to all corners of the public and private sector, but we are also leaders in research, and offer many internal and cross-disciplinary pathways for students interested in pursuing research professionally.



The interdisciplinary nature of the American Studies major prepares students for a wide range of career options after graduation. American Studies students graduate with high-level analytical, research, and writing skills, and an exceptional ability to think critically. Potential opportunities include careers in government, NGOs, media, teaching, law, business and academia.


Our graduates have established successful careers in government, journalism, law, economics, business, and more across the United States and Australia. As well as providing a professional grounding in US issues, our courses are characterised by academic rigour and intellectual detail. From helping recent graduates find a job to assisting each other through a career change, the USSC community is a valuable resource for life.