Research grants 2009-2012

United States Studies Centre research grants supported US-focused research activities in the humanities, social sciences and related professional disciplines. Grants of $20,000 were awarded for researchers in residence (at the US Studies Centre) and grants of $10,000 were awarded for external researchers.

Research grant alumni

2012 Recipients

  • Andrea Benvenuti (University of New South Wales) and David Martin Jones (University of Queensland) | A strange watershed: Whitlam and the redefinition of US-American relations (1972-75)
  • Nida Denson (University of Western Sydney) and Julie Park (University of Maryland, College Park) | Expanding student success: The effects of financial aid on development and diversity-related outcomes
  • Chris Dixon (University of Queensland) | Black Americans and the Pacific War: African-American encounters with the South Pacific, 1941-45
  • Mirko Guaralda (Queensland University of Technology), Gillian Lawson (Queensland University of Technology) and Evonne Miller (Queensland University of Technology) | Sense of home, sense of place: A morpho-typological comparative study of Florida and Queensland
  • Michael Halliwell (Sydney University Conservatorium of Music) | Words to music: Contemporary American operatic adaptation of seminal American literary works
  • Bruce Isaacs (University of Sydney) | Cinematic spectacle: Effects, technology and the American high concept film
  • Martijn Konings (University of Sydney) | The rise of the Federal Reserve
  • Greg Marston (Queensland University of Technology) | The high cost of credit for low income earners: A comparative study of US and Australian policy responses to the rapid growth of the fringe lending industry
  • Julia Martinez (University of Wollongong) | The traffic in women and children in the Philippines during the American occupation
  • Timothy J. Minchin (La Trobe University) | Fighting for workers: A history of the AFL-CIO, 1955-2012
  • Micheal Ondaatje (University of Newcastle) | Black conservatism in civil rights America
  • Nicole Sully (University of Queensland) | Dangerous moderns: Elizabeth Gordon, McCarthyism and the criticism of modern architecture
  • Ariadne Vromen (University of Sydney) and Michael Xenos (University of Wisconsin-Madison) | Civil networking in comparative perspective: Young people, civic engagement and social media in Australia and the USA
  • Jingdong Yuan (University of Sydney) | Sizing up the dragon: US engagement of China's military
  • Heather Zeppel (University of Southern Queensland) | Carbon mitigation and offsetting by US ecotourism operators
  • Zuduo Zheng (Queensland University of Technology) and Xin Ye (California State Polytechnic University) | Who killed New York City's congestion pricing? An international comparison analysis and its implication to Australia

2011 Recipients

  • Rachel Ankeny (University of Adelaide) and Robert Cook-Deegan (Duke University) | The Ethos and Effects of Data Sharing Rules: Examining the History of the 'Bermuda Principles' and their impact on U.S. 21st Century Science
  • Marian Baird (University of Sydney) | Women, work and maternity leave in the USA and Australia: a reflective comparison
  • Lloyd Cox (Macquarie University) | Willing Partners: Australia's Support for US Wars in Vietnam and Iraq
  • Peter Dean (Notre Dame Australia, Sydney Campus) | Coalition Warfare: United States and Australian Military Operations in the South West Pacific Area (SWPA) 1942-1944
  • Hilary Emmett (University of Queensland) | Sisterhood and the American Public Sphere, 1789-1865
  • Charlotte Epstein (University of Sydney) and Jolyon Howorth (Yale University) | To Threaten or to Reassure? US Nuclear Communication Strategies
  • Valerie Harwood (University of Wollongong) | Pathways to Higher Education: the US Charter School Movement and the Issue of Educational Disadvantage
  • Caroline Jordan (La Trobe University) | The Carnegie Corporation of New York's program of modernising and internationalising the visual arts sector in the mid twentieth century
  • Sebastian Kaempf (University of Queensland) | War 2.0: Waging War in the digital new media age
  • Hun Joon Kim (Griffith University) | Does U.S. Human Rights Policy Deter Future Violations in the Asia Pacific Region?
  • Sarah Lantz (University of Queensland) | Reducing the burden of disease: An International Comparison of Children's Environmental Health Policies
  • Jianghong Li (Curtin University) and Joachim Singelmann (Louisiana State University) | Determinants of child poverty in the high-poverty regions of the United States
  • Robert Mason (University of Southern Queensland) | "Si Se Puede": Transnational sentiment and Latino/a response to American elections from 2008
  • Vivienne Muller (Queensland University of Technology) and Lesley Hawkes (Queensland University of Technology) | Mapping American literature in Australian Universities
  • Michael Ondaatje (University of Newcastle) | Black Conservatism in Civil Rights America

2010 Recipients

  • Saliha Belmessous (Sydney University) | The hidden history of Native Americans' legal opposition to dispossession
  • Michael Broderick (Murdoch University) | Uneasy Allies: Representing Americans as Other in Australian National Cinema
  • Jennifer Day (Melbourne University) | Planning, Media, and Local Democracy in Australia and American
  • Anika Gauja (Sydney University) | The Organization of Political Parties in the United States: The Shape of Things to Come?
  • John Hart (Australian National University) | The Greening of the White House: Environmental Policy-Making and the Presidency
  • Daniel Huppatz (Swinburne University) | A Design Poetics: Russel Wright's Manitoga
  • Rebecca LaForgia (University of South Australia) | Exploring compliance with the right public participation under United States Bilateral Free Trade Agreements
  • Tim Minchin (La Trobe University) | Textile Trouble: The Decline of the US Textile and Apparel Industry, 1965 to the Present
  • Siobhan O'Sullivan (Melbourne University) | American Animal Welfare Policy from a Comparative Perspective
  • Mina Roces (University of NSW) | The Filipino American Movement 1970-2008
  • Michael Ward (Australian National University) | Recidivism, Enforcement and Environmental Compliance

2009 Recipients

  • Megan Blaxland (UNSW), Professor Deborah Brennan (UNSW), Professor Bettina Cass (UNSW) and Dr Ann Orloff (Northwestern University) | Care, Employment and Social Policy in Australia and the USA
  • Dr Frances Clarke (University of Sydney) | Dear Father Abraham: Defining the rights and obligations of citizenship in Civil War America
  • Dr Paul Collits (RMIT) | The US Heartland States - Economy, demography, culture, governance
  • Professor Don DeBats (Flinders University) | The Political Worlds of Nineteenth Century Virginia
  • Dr Shu Fan (Monash University) and Dr Wei-jen Lee (University of Texas Arlington) | Demand Response in the Electricity Markets of the US
  • Professor Cliff Goddard (University of New England) | American English and Australian English
  • Dr Ben Goldsmith (University of Sydney) and Dr Yusaku Horiuchi (ANU) | Global Public Opinion and US Foreign Policy: Trends over time and soft-power consequences
  • Dr Barbara Keys (University of Melbourne) | The Human Rights Revolution in the US: Forging a new foreign policy in the 1970s
  • Jacqueline Peel (University of Melbourne) | Californian Climate Change Law - Lessons for Australia
  • Dr Louise Watson (University of Canberra) and Assistant Professor Patricia Burch (University of Wisconsin-Madison) | Federal / State Relations in US Education Policy