Postdoctoral fellows 2010-2012

From 2010 to 2012, the United States Studies Centre's postdoctoral fellowship program brought to Sydney emerging scholarly leaders working on the United States in the humanities, social sciences and related professional disciplines.

Fellows completed a major research project as well as engaged with students and scholars in Sydney and around Australia during the fellowship period.

Postdoctoral fellow alumni

2012 Fellows

  • Nicole Hemmer
    Messengers of the Right: Media and the Modern Conservative Movement
  • Carrie Hyde
    Alienable Rights: Negative Figures of U.S. Citizenship, 1787-1868
  • Jean J. Kim
    Transnationalizing U.S. History: Medical and Scientific Trans-Pacific Circuits in the Making of U.S. Empire
  • Marc Palen
    The Conspiracy of Free Trade: Anglo-American Relations and the Ideological Origins of American Globalization, 1846-1896
  • Rob Rakove
    The history of U.S. relations with Afghanistan prior to the Soviet invasion
  • Shawn Treier
    Ideas, Interests, and the Politics of the US Constitutional Convention
2012 Fellows

2011 Fellows

  • Georgiana Banita
    Petro-fiction – American literary culture and the global oil crisis
  • Robert Blakeslee Gilpin
    Slavery’s hold on the American imagination
  • Peter Hatemi
    The neuro-biological foundations of political behavior
  • Maria Ponomarenko
    The impact of federalism on the American legal system
  • Allison Pugh
    Women’s commitment and change in a Turbulent Age
  • Felicity Turner
    The gendered political dynamics shaping nineteenth century American national identity
2011 Fellows

2010 Fellows

  • Jason Casellas
    No Latino Left Behind: The Development of Latino Education Policy, 1968
  • Mark W. Geiger
    Financial Innovation and the Chicago Board of Trade
  • Willie Gin
    Transforming Exclusivist Identities in the USA, Australia and Canada
  • Sabino Kornrich
    Consumerism and Inequality in the 1980s and 90s: the Role of Emulation, Bidding and Lifestyle
  • Jeremy Pressman
    The United States & Arab-Israeli Relations: Force, Diplomacy & Interests
  • Rebecca Sheehan
    American Redemption: Sex, Rock, and Religion, 1968-1983
2010 Fellows