Professor Lyn Carson

Member of the International Academic Advisory Committee, United States Studies Centre

Professor Lyn Carson

    Lyn Carson is a member of the International Academic Advisory Committee of the US Studies Centre.

    Carson was the founding Academic Program Director of the US Studies Centre and is now one of its Adjunct Professors. She was responsible for the design and implementation of the Master of US Studies, the Master of Letters in US Studies, undergraduate units of study, the research program, the research seminar series, scholarships, internships and the Australian academic network. She is currently Professor with Business Education at the University of Sydney Business School, before that with the Centre for Citizenship and Public Policy at the University of Western Sydney.

    Carson was a local government representative of Lismore City Council in eastern Australia from 1991 to 1995. During that time she developed a particular interest in participatory and deliberative techniques that can capture voices missing from typical community consultation processes. She is now experienced with the design and coordination of public deliberation methods that are highly representative of the entire population.

    Carson is the author, with Brian Martin, of Random Selection in Politics and co-editor of The Australian Citizens’ Parliament and the Future of Deliberative Democracy. Her substantive area of research is deliberative, inclusive democracy - both in theory and in practice. Her research projects are both local and international; they include the Australia's first Citizens' Parliament and deliberative designs for state government and many local councils throughout Australia through The newDemocracy Foundation.

    She teaches a Master Class: Dialogue, Deliberation & Public Engagement, with the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Sydney. She is a director of The newDemocracy Foundation and maintains an active democracy website where some of her many publications can be found.