Isaac Reese

Research Intern

Isaac Reese

Isaac Reese

    Isaac Reese is an intern with the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program.

    What is your educational background?

    I am a student in my second year at the University of Utah double majoring in Political Science and International Studies (Human Rights focus) with minors in Campaign Management and Peace & Conflict Studies. I chose these programs because I want to help reshape the US democratic system for more grassroots change by understanding the multiple facets of the American political system.

    What have you been working on in your time at the USSC?

    I have been working on a wide range of things. The highlights for me have been doing in-depth research on the Green New Deal, tracking the campaigns of several Democrats running for the 2020 nomination, and researching the difference in innovation policy between the United States and Australia.

    Why did you want to intern at the USSC?

    I wanted to intern at the USSC to get a better understanding of diplomacy, policy, and international relations from a scope outside the American context. The USSC has a well-regarded reputation that I could not pass up on the opportunity to intern with them.

    What has been your favourite part about living in Sydney?

    My favorite part about Sydney has been the markets. The best market in my opinion is the Saturday Glebe market. It is a great way to spend time on a weekend morning before going out to explore the rest of Sydney.

    What do you hope to do with your experience from the USSC?

    I hope to bring the skills I have gained in research and policy analysis to the work I do back in Salt Lake City. Being able to understand how to comprehend policy has dramatically improved my ability to understand political climates across the globe.