Andrew Saul is CEO and founder of American green car company Genovation Cars. He discussed the innovative development his company is conducting at the University of Maryland and the industry-related challenges ‘green car’ companies face today, including product design and fundraising.

One key discussion topic was the barriers of green car uptake amongst consumers. At the moment, the most critical component to achieve widespread adoption of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids is the efficiency of the propulsion battery pack. Whilst significant engineering resources are invested into developing more efficient electric motors, inverters, chargers and other components, the cost and weight of the battery continues to need more attention. Currently, large and heavy lithium packs are required to meet daily driving needs and lithium packs can only accept a limited amount of the kinetic energy created during braking, without significantly impairing the battery pack’s lifecycle.

INCUBATE is the Asia Pacific's first student union-provided startup entrepreneur development program. They co-hosted this event with the US Consulate General, Sydney.