After Copenhagen: Looking for real solutions



8 March 2010

James Hansen expressed his concern about the widening gap between scientific knowledge and public understanding of climate change to an audience of more than 500 at a Sydney Ideas lecture. The NASA scientist who is often called the Grandfather of Climate Change, was heavily critical of Obama’s cap and trade solution, advocating a fee and dividend policy in its place. Hansen warns that Australia must cut its coal exports or risk becoming a “drug dealer” for a world addicted to fossil fuels.

James Hansen was in Australia as a guest of IQ Australia. This Sydney Ideas lecture was co-presented with the US Studies Centre and the Centre for Human Aspects of Science and Technology (CHAST).


  • Adjunct Professor James Hansen
    Adjunct Professor, Earth Institute, Columbia University

    James E. Hansen was a visitor at the US Studies Centre in 2010. Hansen is Adjunct Professor at Columbia University’s Earth Institute, where he directs a program in Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions. Prior to this, he was the former Director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies.