Where can American Studies take you?

A conversation with Dr Rodney Taveira and USSC graduate Remy Numa

Every single element of American Studies has been useful in figuring out what I'm interested in and what I want to do with my life.
Remy Numa, USSC graduate

The United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney is a leading voice on US analysis in Australia and plays a central role in shaping policy, discourse and debates on America and the US-Australia relationship.

The Centre is also unique in its offering of a comprehensive suite of academic programs at the University of Sydney.

From the American Studies major in the undergraduate space, to the postgraduate American Foreign Policy specialisation, the United States Studies Centre offers you the opportunity to study alongside academics who are experts in foreign policy, politics, media, and pop culture.

Remy Numa, a 2019 American Studies graduate, recently sat down with the Centre's own Dr Rodney Taveira to talk through his experience studying at the University of Sydney and majoring in American Studies.

From the variety of study options, to the benefit of a smaller team and the one-on-one support he received from lecturers and tutors, Remy explains how the American Studies major prepared him for his career as a Political Affairs Specialist at FOX News in New York City.

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A full transcript of this interview is available and can be downloaded below: