Understanding the USA


This unit introduces students to the politics, culture, economy and society of the world's most powerful nation. This unit expands on five distinct facets of the USA: Regionalism, Politics, Culture, Society and Money. Students will learn what makes the United States different, what makes it rich, what makes it poor and what makes it weird. They will learn how race, religion, capitalism and celebrity culture shape American life. They will find out why the US has such influence in the world, and how it uses that influence. They will gain a greater understanding of the US-Australia relationship, from Australian gangsters in gold-rush San Francisco to American bases in the Northern Territory outback. This unit will be useful to students who want to visit the US, live in the US, do business with the US, or simply understand the US. It will give them what they need to know to further explore America, whether on their own or through future study.

The fine print

Online classes
Available in Semester 1, 2022
5 x online modules
1 x 1 hour online discussion participation per week

5 x online multiple choice quiz (25%)
1 x research essay (65%)
Ongoing participation and discussion (10%)

Unit coordinator

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