US Violence: Terror, Guns, Punishment


Centred on the War on Terror, this OLE introduces students to the political, cultural and economic issues that drive American violence. Students will identify the relations between the history of American empire, global terrorism and the privatisation of state violence. Students will study and interpret cultural texts such as Hollywood and television, propaganda from state and non-state violent actors and groups, and first-hand accounts of war. Building on this global scene of American violence, students will interrogate transnational violence and US immigration, critique the use of the death penalty in the United States, and categorise the interpretations of the Second Amendment in relation to the debate on gun control.

The fine print

Online classes
Available in semester 2, 2022
2 x 1hr online content per week
5 x 1hr online discussion

Multiple choice quizzes (25%)
1 x 250-word blog post (20%)
1 x 200-word reflective journal entry (15%)
1 x 500-word short research paper (40%)

Unit coordinator

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