Drug Wars


Starting with the US War on Drugs, this OLE introduces the cultural, political, health and economic issues of the international illegal drug trade. It advances an understanding of the global commodity chains, migrations, political decisions, and cultural meanings that imbue drug production, distribution, and consumption. Students will gain an understanding of transnational policy, public health, cultural connections, underground economies and the consequences of legalised narcotic consumption. Students will study cultural texts such as hip hop and HBO TV, and ethnographic research on Afghan poppy farmers, Peruvian coca field workers, and non-violent offenders in American prisons.

Running in Semester 2, 2022.

2 x 1hr online content/week,
5 x 1hr online discussion (includes submitting student's own posts, and reading and responding to other posts)

5 x multiple choice quizzes (25%)
5 x 100wd discussion board posts (25%)
1 x 500wd essay (50%).