The US in the Indo-Pacific


The United States’ has long pursued a grand strategy in Asia premised on preventing regional threats and maintaining access to Asian markets, societies, and strategic waterways. Under President Trump, however, America’s regional role may be changing. This unit will explore the history and making of US strategy in Asia, including key turning points, strategic actors, and policy debates. Students will also examine contemporary challenges and flashpoints for America’s Asia policy, and how these may affect stability and relations with the region.


Running in Semester 2, 2023

Courses that offer this unit of study

  • Executive Master of Public Administration
  • Graduate Certificate in International Relations
  • Graduate Certificate in International Studies
  • Graduate Certificate in Public Administration
  • Graduate Diploma in International Relations
  • Graduate Diploma in International Studies
  • Graduate Diploma in Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Graduate Diploma in Public Administration
  • Graduate Diploma in Public Policy
  • Master of International Relations
  • Master of International Security
  • Master of International Studies
  • Master of Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Master of Public Administration
  • Master of Public Policy
  • Master of Strategic Public Relations

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