US Politics: The World of Washington


Providing a comprehensive understanding of American domestic politics, this unit explores the US system of government in detail and the ideas that underlie it. It will also examine the relationship between the President and the Congress, as well as presidential elections, and domestic issues such as race, inequality, law and order, and immigration policy.


Taught in Semester 2, 2023

Clare Mazzetti
“As a US politics and election junkie, I enrolled in USSC6902 as an elective subject within my Master of International Relations program. Completing this subject has given me a greater appreciation for how and why US politics functions the way that it does. It has also given me a better framework to understand the complexities surrounding US domestic issues like race, crime and immigration." Clare Mazzetti, Master of International Relations


20% blog post (600 words)
20% seminar presentation and group paper
45% major paper (3000 words)
15% class participation

Courses that offer this unit of study

  • Graduate Certificate in International Studies
  • Graduate Diploma in International Relation
  • Graduate Diploma in International Studies
  • Graduate Diploma in Public Policy
  • Master of International Relations
  • Master of International Security
  • Master of International Studies
  • Master of Media Practice
  • Master of Public Policy
  • Master of Strategic Public Relations

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