US-China Relations


This unit introduces students to the dynamics of US-China relations, regarded by many as the most significant bilateral relationship in the world. The unit aims to give an overview of the history of US-China relations, to deepen the students' understanding of the strategic thinking and policymaking of both China and the United States, and to discuss a number of key contemporary issues in the relationship in some detail. This bilateral relationship has arguably become the most complex and challenging for both Washington and Beijing.


Taught in Semester 2, 2019
1 x 2 hour class per week


15% group presentation
15% seminar participation
25% policy memo (1500 words)
45% research paper (3000 words)

Courses that offer this unit of study

  • Graduate Certificate in International Relations
  • Graduate Certificate in International Studies
  • Graduate Diploma in International Relations
  • Graduate Diploma in International Security
  • Graduate Diploma in International Studies
  • Graduate Diploma in Public Policy
  • Master of International Relations
  • Master of International Security
  • Master of International Studies
  • Master of Public Policy

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