Innovation and entrepreneurship internship

The United States Studies Centre will be offering two positions in our Innovation and Entrepreneurship research program led by Claire McFarland. This program is focused on themes and linkages in innovation and entrepreneurship between the United States and Australia and in producing analysis and insights pertinent to the growth of New South Wales and Australia.

In the digital age, all businesses need to respond to a shifting market and disruptive forces in the economy to remain competitive. The practical skills and knowledge of innovation ecosystems and practices gained in this competitive internship will provide students with highly sought-after experience.

Students will be engaged in work designed to address real-world problems and will have the opportunity to develop skills in research, analysis, writing and problem solving.

These prestigious internships will be offered for the total duration of 13 weeks during semester. Students will need to complete a minimum of 78 hours of internship, usually 1-2 days throughout semester (schedule will be subject to consultation with Internship Supervisor).

Undergraduate requirements

Students currently studying to complete an American Studies major, have previously completed American Studies units, or who are currently undertaking American Studies units will be given preferential entry into these programs.

Students must meet the following requirements:

  • 3rd or 4th year of study in degree
  • Distinction average within degree
  • Excellent writing and research skills
  • Interest/experience in business and/or economics
  • Experience in data manipulation (desired)

Students are required to complete USSC3703 in order to be accepted entry into this internship.

Postgraduate requirements

Students currently studying a Master of US Studies (in particular the ‘Business’ and ‘Politics’ streams) will be given preferential entry into these programs. Students will be considered on the basis of the following skills and experience:

  • Interest and/or experience in business and/or economics
  • Research skills
  • Extended writing skills
  • Data analysis
  • Data manipulation (desired)

Students are required to complete USSC6205 and/or USSC6204 and USSC6214 in order to be accepted entry into this internship.

Applications for semester 1 2020 are now closed. APplications for semester 2 will open in July 2020.