Students will be required to apply for an F-1 visa for exchange/study abroad students issued by the US Department of State. The following steps will be required to process the F-1 visa:

  1. After students have registered, UCLA will distribute instructions for students to upload their documents for the processing of their I-20 form. 
  2. The US Studies Centre will distribute the I-20 forms once they have been received by UCLA for the visa interviews.
  3. Students will be required to pay an application fee and the SEVIS fee prior to their interview at the US Consulate in Sydney. Students will also be required to pay an issuance fee upon collection of their visa. For information on consular fees visit the US Embassy website.
  4. The US Studies Centre will guide students through scheduling individual visa interviews with the US Consulate at an information session.
  5. All students are responsible for obtaining their own F-1 visa prior to departure and for the associated application and lodgement costs.

The US Studies Centre will guide all successful applicants through the visa process at the scheduled visa session, although it is the sole responsibility of each student to obtain their visa in a timely manner.

Please note: whilst the program is open to international students; applicants should be aware of the conditions to acquire a visa to the US depending on their Country of Citizenship. International students should refer to the US Embassy website for more information before applying.