Resources page for the UCLA Summer Study Abroad Program

Welcome and congratulations once again for being accepted onto the UCLA Study Abroad Program. This page contains helpful info and links for you to access as you prepare for LA and for when you are on the ground. For further information throughout the program, please join our facebook page- This page will be used for reminders about what needs to be completed, but please also use this site to ask questions, share advice and travel tips!


All students must enrol in 2 units of study at UCLA. These units must be worth 4 or 5 credits and be during session A (the 6 week program running from Monday 24 June-Friday 2 August). There is currently a list of approved units and not approved units located on our website HERE. This page also lists and has a link to the UCLA website where you can view all session A units of study offered by UCLA.

The list of approved units is a work in progress and will be updated as I recieve credit approvals from the mobility office. If you would like credit for your units, please let me know (if you haven't already) and I will request the outline from UCLA and foward this on to the mobility office (for USYD students only. UNSW and UWA students will need to speak to individual faculities about credit approval). You can change your units as many times as you would like. All changes to courses can be done through your MyUCLA account, but please note that all course changes must be finalized by 28 June.

Once your units are approved, I will write all students a letter of credit approval. This letter can be used for an OS-HELP application and will also be used upon your return to redeem the UCLA credit toward your degree. Once you return from UCLA and have a copy of your transcript, you will upload the transcript and my letter through your Sydney Student (USYD students only. UNSW and UWA students will need to speak to individual faculties for credit redemption) and the credit will be processed.


If you haven't done so already, please make sure you apply for housing. The longer you wait, the less housing options will be available. All housing information is on our website and also in the Acceptance Package. If you have any housing related questions, please contact housing directly, either by phone (310) 206-7011 or by email


As soon as I recieve your I-20 form from UCLA, I will have you in for a visa session. I will hold a few session during the month of May and I will send an email out to students about a week before this session with further instructions. Although you can book your flights at any time, the USSC only recommends that you purchase your flights after you have your passport back with F-1 visa. The US Studies Centre will not be responsible for any flight change fees that may be required if there is a delay in your visa process. We do not expect any delays to occur, but it's completely dependent on the US Consulate processing times.

For your F-1 visa, you will be issued an I-20 form from UCLA. As we will go over at the visa session, you will need to treat this item like your passport. If you are planning on traveling outside the US on this trip (i.e. Mexico or Canada) you will need to carry this form along with your passport to get back in the country.


Now that we have had our pre-departure session, the student handbook is available HERE and a generic version of the student behaviour contract HERE. If you have questions about the handbook or the behaviour contract, please contact Amelia.


Students on this program are covered by The University of Sydney/ University of Western Australia health insurance as well as UCLA insurance. Further details for UCLA insurance will come closer to the start date of the program, but please review your home institution insurance before heading to the US, so you know what you are and aren't covered for. Please note that both UCLA and home institution insruance only cover you for the program dates (with a day or two on either side to allow for travel). Your F-1 visa allows you to enter ther country 30 days prior to the start date of the program and stay for 60 days after the program end date. If you chose to spend additional time in the US, outside of the program dates, you will need to purchase additional insurance.


During your time in LA we will have a few group activities. Please make sure you save the following dates:
Saturday 29 June, 9am-5pm. LA City tour (Lunch included). This tour will just be our group and will be a chance to meet everyone as well as get a better idea of the layout of LA and what you want to see and do while there.
Saturday 13 July, 8am-11pm . Disneyland.
Wednesday 24 July, 5.30-10pm. LA Dodgers baseball game.

An attachment of the dates, times and pick up location can be found HERE. Please note that for each activity the bus can only wait 10 minutes so please make sure you are on time.