The program costs are made up of three parts:

  • the program package fees;
  • the accommodation and meal package fees; and
  • additional costs.

The program package fee is payable to the United States Studies Centre and the accommodation and meal fee is payable to UCLA Housing via your UCLA account.

1. Program package fees: US$5330

  • Tuition for two courses at UCLA, each course is worth 4 UCLA units
  • Health insurance and Travel insurance
  • Administrative fees
  • BruinCard
  • Pre-departure seminars and cultural activities in LA

Please note: The program package fee must be paid in Australian dollars and the exchange rate will be determined before the deadline for the final fee payment.

A deposit of AU$400 will be payable at the time of application. If offered a placement on the program, a further AU$600 will be payable to accept your placement. The combined amount of AU$1000 is part-payment of the total program fees and the final payment for the remainder is due 15 May 2023.

2. Accommodation and meal package fees

You will need to choose an accommodation and meals package from the UCLA Summer Housing offerings. More information will be available on the accommodation page. Please note that the accommodation is subject to availability, but UCLA summer housing will do its best to accommodate your first request.

3. Additional costs

Students are also responsible for the following costs:

  • Visa application and lodgment costs. Refer to the US Embassy for details. The USSC will guide students through the F-1 visa process at a scheduled visa session.
  • Airfares and transfers.
  • Any additional food and entertainment costs.
  • Any costs accumulated at UCLA e.g. printing and other miscellanies.

Refund policy

  1. If the UCLA Study Abroad Program is cancelled or your visa application is unsuccessful, students will receive a 100% refund of program fees.
  2. Upon application, all students must pay a fee of AU$400 (which is part-payment of the program fees). This will only be refunded if your application is unsuccessful or if you choose not to accept your offer.
  3. Upon receiving an offer for the program, students will need to pay an additional AU$600 to complete the AU$1000 deposit to accept the offer. The total AU$1000 will only be refunded if your visa application is unsuccessful or in the event that the UCLA Study Abroad Program is cancelled.
  4. Students who withdraw from the UCLA Study Abroad Program prior to the close of business on 22 May 2023, will receive a full refund of any program fees paid, minus the AU$1000 deposit.
  5. Students who withdraw from the UCLA Study Abroad Program after the close of business on 22 May 2023 will not receive a refund of any fees paid.
  6. Applications to withdraw from the UCLA Study Abroad Program must be received in writing and lodged with the United States Studies Centre by the relevant date. The United States Studies Centre requests that students withdraw no later than 22 May 2023.