Housing at UCLA is subject to availability, and UCLA will do its best to accommodate your first request.

The prices below were accurate for 'Winter Sessions 2022', and they are to be used as reference point for the 2023 program. Exact pricing, availability and type of accommodation will be advertised in the Summer Sessions Housing website.

Classic halls
Double room with 14 meals per week US$2838.40
Triple room with 14 meals per week US$2342.00

Deluxe Halls

Triple room with 14 meals per week US$2500.40


Double room with 14 meals per week US$3307.20
Triple room with 14 meals per week US$2832.40

You will be required to submit your housing preferences online after the group registration session in April. The following steps will be required:

  • Students apply and pay directly to the Housing Department for their accommodation and meal plan through the Summer Sessions Housing website.
  • Whilst UCLA Housing will do its best to assign housing based on preferences, all accommodation types are subject to availability. 
  • Once the Housing office processes the application, the charge for the selected summer contract will be posted to the student’s BruinBill account with a payment due date. Failure to pay by the stated due date will result in the student's summer housing offer being canceled.
  • Roommates can only be requested at the time of purchasing the housing contract and cannot be requested later.
  • Accommodation is provided from Sunday 25 June to Friday 4 August 2023 (i.e. you are expected to checkout by 5pm on the 4 August). Early arrival space prior to the scheduled first day of the Summer Sessions housing contract is limited and there is no guarantee that space will be available. Students who arrive early should contact the residential hall or apartment directly to discuss the possibility of an early arrival arrangement. Additional costs will apply.
  • All students, including American citizens, must stay in the accommodation provided by UCLA. This is a requirement of the course. Students are not permitted to stay with family or friends or to otherwise arrange their own accommodation under any circumstances.