UCLA student testimonials

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Victoria Andrews

Bachelor of Science and Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics

"The UCLA Summer Sessions has most definitely been the highlight of my university degree so far! Arriving at UCLA, no one could anticipate how unforgettable our experience was going to be. We all had expectations of typical American college culture, but through our classes, dorm life, social activities, and interstate weekend trips, it did not take long for these to be exceeded.

Deciding to be a part of the UCLA Summer Sessions program did not take much convincing. Firstly, its iconic location. Secondly, it takes place during summer so you can avoid the winter chill back home. But most importantly, you get experience studying abroad! I had always wanted to complete an exchange program, but found it difficult to commit to a full semester or year due to specific requirements of my degree. This program was the perfect solution, as I was able to get a taste of studying abroad without interfering with my degree progression. In fact, I was able to get ahead with my classes! The UCLA subjects I chose enhanced my overall appreciation for physiology, as I specifically focused on atherosclerosis development and the physiological mechanisms underlying the interrelationship between exercise and nutrition, both extremely pertinent topics today. My professor was extremely engaged and knowledgeable in both topics, which significantly enhanced my learning and enjoyment during classes. Furthermore, meaningful class discussions were always encouraged which was a nice change from the typical lectures given back home!

Being immersed in a different culture while studying was truly a unique experience, something that cannot be replicated in Australia. You develop a strong sense of independence and adaptability that will be extremely beneficial for future studies, and also future employment opportunities. It is certainly a whirlwind … be prepared to thrive off 3 hours sleep, but know you will see and do so much to make it completely worthwhile! The friendships made were definitely one of the most rewarding aspects of the trip, as you could always know you had a strong sense of support and encouragement close by. Travelling around with Americans was always more exciting as well, as you would be guaranteed a unique and authentic tour! Other highlights were 4th July, a weekend away in New York, Disneyland and the Dodger’s Game. I highly recommend this trip to anyone considering exchange, you most definitely will not regret it! It is difficult to describe how amazing it is, you really have to go and experience it yourself!"