Unit of Study

As Part of the Georgetown program, all students must enrol in USSC3701: Job Hacks: US Study Tour For Career Readiness (or PG equivalent). All student must have room in their degree to take this unit and department permission for enrolment will be given after students have accepted their place on the program.

'Job Hacks' is a new short-term program designed to prepare university students for the workforce through a combination of teaching from top lecturers and workshops with senior executives. Gain real world experience with practical case studies and experiential learning with industry leaders all while studying overseas.

The 'Job Hacks' program uses workplace research to help transform the sometimes overwhelming world of internships, interviews and graduate roles into an exciting world of opportunity. Spend two weeks in Sydney developing the skills necessary to establish a career, building 'Brand Me' and learning how to excel in the workforce. Then put those skills to practical use with two weeks of industry engagements in the United States.

1-12 July 2019: Students will attend lectures in Sydney
14-27 July 2019: Students will be on Georgetown campus attending lectures, site visits, and cultural activities.

USSC3701 course outline can be found HERE.
Georgetown schedule can be found HERE. Please note that this is subject to change and more details will be provided as the date gets closer.