David Anstice Scholarship

Each year Mr David W. Anstice, deputy chair of the United States Studies Centre's Board of Directors, provides funding for some of the scholarships made available to participants in the Centre's study abroad programs. Mr Anstice retired as a senior executive after a long career with Merck & Co., Inc which commenced in Australia and took him to the United States where he has lived for many years. He is an economics graduate of the University of Sydney and has maintained close ties with the university through his presidency of the University of Sydney USA Foundation.

Meet some of the recipients of David Anstice Scholarships

Back row L-R: Emma Ridley, Marco Pascale, Patrick Hao, Brendan Ma; front row L-R: Scarlett Franks, David Anstice, Jason Chami

Jason Chami

UCLA Study Abroad Program 2018
Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Medicine (majoring in neuroscience)

"There’s something so exciting about the moment when you stop feeling homesick and realise for the first time that there are absolutely no limits: that you’re an Uber away from the Hollywood Bowl and Post Malone is playing on the weekend for $50 tickets, that you’re a walk away from the Getty Center and they’ve got Van Gogh’s Irises, that movies come out way earlier here and they’re showing Incredibles 2 at the El Capitan Theatre. This trip for me was worth it for that realisation. I feel braver to go overseas and experience that freedom again, and I would recommend it to anyone.

"UCLA’s lecturers are fantastic. I initially had signed up for a maths course and a philosophy course but after dropping in on my roommate’s geography unit I decided to swap into that. The lecturers were engaging and knowledgeable, the assessments were reasonable and to be honest left us a lot of free time to explore the city and see what there was to see. LA is huge, and while the beaches are nothing to write home about, the *shows* absolutely are. My highlight was going to watch Trevor Noah record his latest Netflix comedy special and getting moved from the nosebleed section all the way up to row E to fill in a small gap so it looked better on camera.

"While you’re there, flights and train tickets are so much cheaper than they’d ever be direct from Sydney. With a couple of friends from Australia I’d met when I arrived in LA, I saw San Francisco and biked over the golden-gate bridge, flew to New York and saw the musical Hamilton, and to the train from there to Washington DC and checked out the Smithsonian Museum, which was incredible.

"I cannot recommend this program more highly.”

Scarlett Franks

Washington DC Placement Program 2019
Bachelor of Arts (majoring in sociology and gender studies)

Scarlett is a Sociology and Gender and Cultural Studies major interested in how personal, public, and historical trauma shape our society and how we can transform cycles of trauma culturally and with social and economic policy. She is a research intern at the University of Sydney Faculty of Medicine and Health, contributing to data collection and knowledge translation in qualitative health research. Her policy experience includes co-authoring a position paper for the Australian Association of Adolescent Health on sexuality education policy, presented at the AAAH conference in November 2018. As a youth advocate, she has helped evaluate health policy for the National Youth Mental Health Foundation and on the University of Sydney Disability Action Plan development group. She was a panellist at the 2018 NSW Family Planning Policy Forum where she discussed sexual health policy and sexual violence prevention. In January 2018, she represented the University of Sydney at the NASPA Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Conference in Portland, Oregon. Passionate about cultivating children’s curiosity about power and ethics, she enjoys volunteering as a Primary Ethics teacher in Western Sydney.

Scarlett is looking forward to studying at UCDC in the 2019 Winter Quarter and to a congressional internship with Representative Jim Costa (D-CA). With an interest in the possibilities and limitations of modern democracies to remedy entrenched power inequities, she is keen to observe how power is negotiated in Washington and the relationships between businesses, lobbyists, non-government organisations, and elected representatives.

Patrick Hao

UCLA Study Abroad Program 2017
Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Commerce

“The UCLA Study Abroad Program allowed me to study at a top-tier university and travel within the US, all while contributing to my degree progression. Not only was the UCLA campus visually impressive, the teaching staff and learning environment were incredibly helpful and supportive. Academic highlights of my trip included learning a new statistical programming language and gaining a deeper understanding of the political structure of the US. The program’s included functions and trip to Disneyland also provided ample opportunities to network with students from Sydney Uni and other Australian universities. Given Los Angeles’ close proximity to several major cities along the west coast, I was also able to use this opportunity to take a short trip to San Francisco where I visited relatives and toured Silicon Valley and Stanford University. Overall, the program has been instrumental in my personal and academic growth.”

Brendan Ma

Washington DC Placement Program 2017
Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Law (majoring in finance)

"When you have the chance, as a student, to intern in DC, every project, challenge and action you take feels impactful. As part of the DC IPP, I had the opportunity to meet with a range of leaders in US public policy, which enriched the experience and educational outcomes from the journey. Being placed in the US Senate, I walked down the corridors among influential policymakers every morning. As an Australian student filled with enthusiasm and curiosity, many senators, representatives, staff and sector experts were happy to arrange meetings and discuss their outlook on the state of the world. This is what happened on one particular morning in DC. I walked a few minutes from my office to the US Supreme Court. Lining up in the chilly winter breeze, I sat in as the nation's top justices interrogated attorneys during one of the first Supreme Court hearings for the calendar year. Later, I came back to my office to work on economic and environmental research and policy communications for the day. It was also a bonus to share the elevator with a presidential candidate on the way back! Before the day was over, I guided visitors through the historic chambers of the Capitol Building before watching the US democratic process unfold in Senate confirmation hearings. In the evening, the Australian Ambassador visited our residence to share his perspective on our role abroad before a robust discussion on the influence of media channels played out in my evening class, moderated by our professor, who also hosts a prominent cable TV show during the day. And to end the day, my friends and I watched Ariana perform live at the Verizon Center. All in all, an incredible experience!"

Marco Pascale

Los Angeles Placement Program
Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in finance) and Bachelor of Laws

“To me, the US IPP program is the most unique and unmissable opportunity offered by the University of Sydney. You are able to gain character-building overseas work experience that differentiates you, attend a top-tier US university that engages you, and make memories through your travels and friendships that you will carry for life.

"My time in Los Angeles gave me access to many rare experiences. As someone interested in a career in finance, I was able to work at an LA investment bank, an opportunity that would never have been available for someone so early in their degree. The skills I built there gave me a headstart that will carry me forward in years to come. While attending UCLA, I was able to delve into the unique college lifestyle, meeting a host of interesting locals, exploring the extensive campus and participating in cultural events such as college basketball games. Outside of work and studies, there was never a shortage of things to do as an LA local: there were countless iconic sites to visit, the nightlife was vibrant and diverse, and there was a host of quirky events to take advantage of spanning comedy shows and music festivals.

"What’s more is that LA’s convenient location allowed for even further travel opportunities. Almost every weekend I would leave with fellow students in a cheap rental car to San Francisco, San Diego, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe or Las Vagas — all the while taking in the breathtaking American countryside that can truly only be experienced in the long hours of a road trip. Cheap flights from LA also meant weekend trips to New York for New Years Eve or even Mexico for Spring Break were at our fingertips. Each Thursday night we wouldn’t know where we would spend our weekend, but by Friday morning we would be on the road. Each of these trips were a separate journey, creating new memories and lending to a true sense of adventure.

"This cocktail of experiences resulted in a jam-packed two months that was always exciting, fulfilling every aspect of what I could have ever hoped for from one trip. Truly unique. Truly unmissable.”