Penrith Press

PENRITH Selective High School won the University of Sydney's prestigious Debate the Future of America competition last month.

The high school debating competition, organised by the university's US Studies Centre, was open to year 11 students from across NSW.

Debaters Ross Penninkilampi, Natalie Buckett and Grace White won three iPads for their school after winning the final against North Sydney Girls High.

The topic was whether US president Barack Obama should be re-elected.

The team had previously debated topics including ''the US should institute a system of compulsory voting'' and ''the US needs to enact strict campaign finance laws''.

Principal John Elton said he was proud of the students' achievement.

''Winning the Debate the Future of America Competition showed Ross, Grace and Natalie at their best,'' he said. ''What I find impressive is their wonderful capacity to work as a team and the manner in which they dismantle the opposition arguments.

''They make debating enjoyable and exciting to watch and this was an exceptional win against high quality opposition.''