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Technical difficulties and "quality control" delayed the reporting of results from the critical Iowa Caucuses. As it stands, both Vermont senator Bernie Sanders and former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana Pete Buttigieg are being hailed as the 'winners' of the state-wide caucus. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren appears to be in third place with former Vice President Joe Biden a distant fourth.  

But any momentum gained by the leading contenders following may be hampered by the chaos surrounding the delayed release of results. While there have been no reports of voter fraud, the process of reporting results has been questioned. Iowa Democratic Party officials blame new result structures and the use of a new reporting app. The subsequent delay meant that almost a full day after the caucuses started, no official results had been released. As it stands, 71.4 per cent of precincts have been officially reported, with no indication of when the full results will be reported. 

When the technological difficulties became apparent, members of the Trump family and campaign team disseminated conspiracy theories that the DNC was attempting to block a Sanders victory. Of the Democratic campaigns though, it has been the Biden team that has been most critical of the incident. Senior members of the Biden campaign expressed "real concerns" about the integrity of the results, and penned a letter to the Democratic National Committee requesting that no results be released until the full cause and scope of the problem was apparent.