Editorial page editor and columnist for The Washington Post Fred Hiatt will be in Sydney and Canberra from Monday 26 October to Friday 30 October, as a guest of the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney. Hiatt will be speaking at a series of events in Sydney and Canberra.

  • Barack Obama's foreign policy, the pivot and the post-Obama era — Sydney Monday 26 October, Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, 5:15pm.
  • The Next President - American foreign policy and the 2016 election — Canberra Wednesday 28 October, Hotel Realm, 5pm.

Hiatt has worked at The Washington Post for over 30 years and can discuss foreign policy issues including Syria, the US-China relationship and Islamic State, as well as the state of US domestic politics, America's changing demographics and the 2016 presidential race. Find his full biography on the US Studies Centre website. Media are encouraged to attend events but registration is required.