Spencer Maughan, partner at Finistere Ventures, has this week joined the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney (USSC) as a visiting fellow.

An expert in AgTech and venture capital, Spencer heads the Silicon Valley office of Finistere Ventures, a specialist AgTech venture capital firm. Previously Spencer was an entrepreneur-in-residence at Kleiner Perkins, working alongside members of the Green Growth Fund on AgTech opportunities and an investor at Venrock, a Venture Capital firm with more than $2bn under management.

"AgTech is a nascent industry with great potential. Australia is well placed to take advantage of the opportunity presented by high growth technology in agriculture given our world renowned reputation for technology adoption and quality produce," said Claire McFarland, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program Director at the USSC.

"Spencer will spend the next 12 months at the Centre and contribute research on both the agtech and venture capital ecosystems of Australia and the United States. We're very excited to have him on board."

Agriculture is predicted to be a $100bn industry for Australia by 2030. As technology becomes pervasive, opportunity exists for high growth AgTech businesses to create competitive advantage for Australian producers and exporters. Compared to Australia, the United States has a much larger agricultural industry, a much more sophisticated venture capital industry and is arguably the world leader at developing high-growth technology businesses.

Spencer and Claire will tonight take part in an in-conversation event titled 'How to go from start-up to Silicon Valley', looking at venture capital in Australia and the United States, AgTech and practical tips on getting funded.

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