Two US Studies Centre professors today toasted the publication of the Annual Review of Political Science, Vol 12. This highly cited and influential series covers every arena of political science, providing authoritative summaries of knowledge for scholars of politics and international relations around the world. US Studies Centre Professor Margaret Levi edits this prestigious series, with Visiting Professor Simon Jackman serving as one of the two associate editors.Levi and Jackman are assisted by a distinguished editorial board, which includes

Professors Nancy Rosenblum (Chair of Harvard's Government Department), Jim Fearon (Chair of Stanford's Political Science Department), Paul Pierson (Chair of Berkeley's Political Science Department), Peter Katzenstein (Cornell and current President, American Political Science Association), Nolan McCarty (Associate Dean, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs), Dan Posner (UCLA), Anna Grzymala-Busse (University of Michigan), and Stephen Ansolabehere (MIT).

The current issue includes a prefatory interview (both written and video'd) of Robert Dahl, conducted by Levi. Robert A. Dahl, the foremost living theorist of democracy, is the emeritus Sterling Professor of Political Science at Yale University. He is a former president of the American Political Science, recipient of the Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science, and a member of numerous honorary societies, including the National Academy of Sciences.

In addition, there are pieces by Adam Przeworski on "Self-government," Helen Milner & Bumba Mukherjee on "Democratization and Economic Globalization;" Sören Holmberg, Bo Rothstein, and Naghmeh Nasiritousi on the "Quality of Government", elections in authoritarian regimes, and articles on redistricting, negative campaigning, and the role of race in American politics. The current volume also includes a series of articles summarizing the "rediscovery" of experimental methods in political science, edited by Jackman.