The US Studies Centre is pleased to announce the launch of a three‐year research program on sustainability made possible by US$2,000,000 in support from The Dow Chemical Company Foundation in the United States.

The Dow Sustainability Program will bring together academic and policy experts from Australia and the US to develop action-oriented solutions to a range of sustainability challenges concerning energy, water, food and biodiversity that are technologically innovative, commercially scalable and politically viable.

Chief Executive of the US Studies Centre Professor Geoffrey Garrett said the Dow Program will focus on translating remarkable advances in the science and technology of sustainability into outcomes that will benefit Australia, the US and the world. “I am so pleased that Dow, a global company at the cutting edge of sustainability technology and sustainable business practice, has been willing to provide such generous support to the Centre,” Professor Garrett said.

The Program is being developed by Robert Hill, Adjunct Professor in Sustainability at the US Studies Centre, former Minister for the Environment and former Ambassador to the United Nations. The Program’s first research appointment is Dr Susan Pond AM, Adjunct Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Sydney and former Managing Director of Johnson and Johnson Research Australia. Dr Pond’s research will focus on bio sequestration and bio fuels, with an initial project assessing the commercial potential and appropriate public policies regarding large scale algae farming.

Chairman, CEO and President of The Dow Chemical Company, Australian-born Andrew Liveris, will formally announce the launch of the Program at a private lunch in Sydney today.

 “Dow is working hard to deliver sustainable solutions to the rest of the world, and we are continuously looking to accelerate progress through collaborations with partners like the US Studies Centre, the University of Sydney and the American Australian Association," Mr Liveris said. “The Dow Sustainability Program at the Centre reinforces our 2015 Sustainability Goals and our commitment to protect the planet we live on.”

The Dow Program will be advised by a group of international experts and will leverage the considerable academic resources in the agricultural, environmental, life and physical sciences of the University of Sydney and other universities in Australia and the US.

The Dow Program on Sustainability in association with the Institute of Sustainable Solutions and the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources at the University of Sydney will develop strategies to combat soil degradation which is reducing agricultural productivity around the world and increasing carbon emissions.

Other potential research initiatives include coastal management, rainforest biodiversity and fresh water systems.

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At the launch of the Dow Sustainability Program, Chairman, CEO and President of The Dow Chemical Company, Andrew Liveris, spoke about Dow's role in developing sustainable solutions as the global demand for energy, water and resources continues to grow. Watch his speech here:

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