The United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney is pleased to announce the creation of the Australia-United States Climate-Energy-Water Nexus project (AUS-CEW) in a new partnership with the Crawford School of Economics and Government at the Australian National University.

The three-year collaboration between the US Studies Centre and ANU will tackle one of the biggest challenges facing both the US and Australia, developing integrated strategies for simultaneously sustaining our water resources, supplying the energy our societies need and conserving the planet’s climate.

US Studies Centre chief executive Professor Geoffrey Garrett said the question is one of great importance to both the United States and Australia.

“Our AUS-CEW initiative offers a wonderful opportunity to bring together the very best thought and experience in both Australia and America to devise solutions to the whole complex of sustainability challenges.“

The new program has four primary objectives:

To achieve these goals, the Centre has appointed James Pittock based at the ANU's Crawford School to be the AUS-CEW project leader, reporting to Adjunct Professor Robert Hill who leads the Centre’s Dow Sustainability Program.

Media enquiries: Nina Fudala