In the final fraught countdown to the US midterm elections, the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney has launched a new website packed with background detail, news and expert commentary for those wanting to decipher the machinations behind the highly anticipated polls. Election 2010 ( ) is an information hub for those wanting more detail about what is at stake, the seats to watch, and the potential consequences for Capitol Hill and the Obama administration. How does the US system vary from what happens here in Australia? And what does all the campaign jargon mean? In the run up to the vote on Wednesday 3 November (Australian time), check Election 2010 for updates and commentary by domestic and international experts as well as links to other top sites covering the campaign. Those providing commentary on the site and for the media include:

  • Professor James Fallows: Chair in US Media and National Correspondent for the Atlantic Monthly magazine. (Based in Washington D.C.)
  • Professor Morris Fiorina: Senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and the Wendt Family Professor of Political Science at Stanford University. A world expert on congressional elections. (Based in California)
  • Professor Geoffrey Garrett: Chief Executive Officer of the United States Studies Centre and Professor of Political Science at the University of Sydney.
  • Associate Professor Brendon O'Connor: Associate Professor in American Politics and Director of Teaching and Learning at the United States Studies Centre.
  • Tom Switzer: Research Associate with the United States Studies Centre and former Opinion Editor with The Australian newspaper.
  • Professor Simon Jackman: Professor of Political Science at Stanford University and Visiting Professor at the Centre. Expert on polling and political participation. (Based in California)

Both Professor Fiorina and Professor Fallows will be in Australia as visitors of the Centre in the week following the election 8 -14 November and will be available for further analysis and commentary.

What are the issues dominating the 2010 midterms and what does it mean for Australia and the World? Find out at Election 2010 ( )

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