Hills Shire Times

By Laura Trieste

WHILE most university students spent summers relaxing, Cherrybrook resident Carol Yu was in the US.

She was one of 20 University of Sydney business students selected for a nine-week internship at the University of California’s Washington Centre.

The internship allows business undergraduate students to study and work in the US capital, Washington DC.

While studying and completing a placement with a US senator, Ms Yu earned credit for her double bachelors degree (commerce and and Law).

''Interning in the Senate with Senator James Inhofe leading up to the 2012 presidential election year has been an exclusive and invaluable insight into the workings of the political landscape and controversial issues surrounding popular US debate,’’ she said.


* Scholarships worth $105,000 were given from the US Studies Centre at a ceremony attended by NSW Governor and University of Sydney chancellor Marie Bashir.

* The 20 scholarships were awarded for academic excellence and leadership.