The United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney has launched a new website packed with news, background detail and expert commentary for those wanting to decipher the primaries, polls and policies that make up the highly anticipated 2012 US presidential campaign. With the pivotal Michigan and Arizona Republican primaries next week, Wednesday 29 February Australian time, US Election Watch 2012 can get you up to speed before this crucial contest and the multi-state Super Tuesday primaries on Wednesday 7 March our time.

US Election Watch 2012 will provide updates and analysis by domestic and international experts on all the major events in the lead-up to the elections on Tuesday 6 November, including the televised debates and both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

US Election Watch 2012 is an information hub for those wanting more detail about how the primary process works, what is at stake in the election and the key battleground states come November. Who will be the Republican candidate to take on Obama? How does the US system vary from what happens here in Australia? And what does all the campaign jargon mean?

Those providing commentary on the site and available for media interviews include:

  • Professor James Fallows: Chair in US Media at the US Studies Centre and National Correspondent for the Atlantic Monthly magazine. (Based in Washington D.C. and in Sydney during March.)
  • Professor Geoffrey Garrett: Chief Executive Officer of the United States Studies Centre and Professor of Political Science, specialising in US politics, foreign policy and economics.
  • Associate Professor Brendon O'Connor: Associate Professor in American Politics with expertise in foreign policy and American exceptionalism.
  • Dr David Smith: Lecturer in American Politics and Foreign Policy, specialising in religion in politics.
  • Tom Switzer: Research Associate with the United States Studies Centre and former Opinion Editor with The Australian newspaper.
  • Professor Simon Jackman: Professor of Political Science at Stanford University and Visiting Professor at the Centre. Expert on polling and political participation. (Based in California)
  • Dr Harry Melkonian: Lecturer in American Politics, specialising in the US Constitution.
  • Professor David Weisbrot AM: Professor of Legal Policy at the United States Studies Centre. Expert on campaign funding and election rules.
  • Dr Adam Lockyer: Lecturer in American Politics and Foreign Policy, specialising in US Defense Policy.

What are the issues dominating the 2012 elections and what does it mean for Australia and the World? Find out at our US Election Watch 2012

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