This week's edition of The 45th newsletter.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton yesterday released her take on her failed bid for the White House, with What Happened? The 494-page memoir published by Simon & Schuster was released on the same day Clinton starts a book tour with a signing at Barnes & Noble in Union Square, New York.

Clinton critics and fans alike have wondered aloud why she wrote the book at this point in time. Her re-emergence in the public eye is stirring what has been called "the toxic brew of Clinton-hate and Clinton-worship, along with a certain discernible fatigue and disorientation". White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called the book "sad" in a White House press briefing Tuesday afternoon.

Some of the factors to blame for her loss, Clinton writes, include former FBI director James Comey, Bernie Sanders and his supporters, the media, Vladimir Putin and sexism. Though regarding the moments she wishes she could do over in the campaign, she writes, "if the Russians could hack my subconscious, they’d find a long list".

“I go back over my own shortcomings and the mistakes we made. I take responsibility for all of them. You can blame the data, blame the message, blame anything you want but I was the candidate. It was my campaign. Those were my decisions.” 

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