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Last night, the United States Studies Centre (USSC) and Perth USAsia Centre (USAC) hosted former Trump National Security Advisor Ambassador John Bolton for a webinar discussion. USSC Board Member Stephen Conroy and USAC Board Member Stephen Smith joined the discussion to ask Bolton directly about how US allies like Australia could prepare for another Trump term. Bolton’s key recommendations were to prioritise the personal relationship with President Trump, beef up the naval defence in the Indo-Pacific and ensure protection from coercive measures like intellectual property theft or falling into the Belt and Road Initiative “debt trap.” 

The Republican National Convention wrapped up last week, giving key insight into both the disparate perception of 2020 so far and the Republican message when it is free from any perceived “fake news” filter. Non-resident Fellow Kim Hoggard discussed the contrast from prior conventions on ABC Weekend Breakfast and CEO Professor Simon Jackman flagged the likelihood of a “legal stoush” after the election in a discussion with News Corp. From debates to delays, USSC will continue to cover the 2020 US presidential election every step of the way.