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Consistent with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s promise that President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court vacancy, “will receive a vote on the floor of the United States Senate,” day two of confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett has concluded. Key takeaways from her hearings so far include: 

  • Deciding a disputed election – when pressed on whether Barrett would recuse herself if cases related to the election outcome go to the Supreme Court, she said she would, “apply the factors that other justices have,” in determining whether she would recuse herself or not. 
  • Abortion – Barrett declined to provide any indication of her views on abortion saying only that she will, “decide cases as they come,” but this is a key issue and both Republicans and Democrats want to see where she stands. 
  • Obamacare – in 2017, Barrett critiqued Justice Roberts in upholding the Affordable Care Act, but said she has made no commitments to dismantle it should the opportunity arise. 

While Trump has returned to campaigning as normal, claiming he’s “immune” to COVID-19, his opposition is pushing back on this. The second presidential debate was scheduled for this week, but was cancelled because the Trump campaign did not agree to a virtual debate.