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The midterms may have been a week ago today, but three key results remain in play - depending on who you ask.

Recounts have begun in the Florida senate and governor races after late swings to the Democrats narrowed the projected Republican margins and saw Andrew Gillum, the Democratic gubernatorial hopeful, withdraw his concession. In Georgia, a federal judge has ordered that the governor race between Brian Kemp (R) and Stacey Abrams (D) not be called until at least Friday. Another tight race, for the Arizona senate seat, flipped on its election night result in favour of the Democrats.

It now appears the Democrats will win at least 35 seats in the House of Representatives, much more than the 27 projected on election night, and lose one or two fewer Senate seats than predicted. In response to the changing face of the results, CNN even aired an 'Election Night in America Continued' special in the United States on Tuesday. 

The president's reaction to the late swing, which is typical in US elections, has been to accuse Democrats of malfeasance and voter fraud. Trump took to Twitter to say that the Florida ballots were being pulled from the "wilderness" and had been "massively infected". He urged that the result "must go with Election Night" in favour of Republicans. Regarding Arizona, the president claimed that signatures did not match postal ballots and questioned whether it called for another election. Fact checkers have found no basis to these allegations. 

Despite an historic turnout for a midterm election cycle, accusations of voter fraud on the left and voter suppression on the right have led to competing claims that both sides of politics are responsible for eroding the American democratic tradition.