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As the outcome of the US presidential election becomes more clearer, transition tensions continue. President-elect Biden has said he finds this more “embarrassing for the country than debilitating” as he ploughs ahead with preparations to take office. 

Focus is turning to the policy continuities and differences we expect from the Biden administration. Echoing his pre-election analysis of Australia's view of US-China policy in the United States Studies Centre's (USSC) Red Book / Blue Book, Non-Resident Senior Fellow Dr John Lee argues a hardened stance on China should continue under a Biden administration. On Friday, he will be joined by Axios China Reporter Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian for a webinar event to discuss US-China relations under a Biden administration.

Another major issue in 2021 will be pandemic recovery. In a new report released this week, USSC Director of Trade and Investment Stephen Kirchner highlights what he says is a unique window of opportunity Australia has for economic growth through migration while the US trajectory of COVID-19 recovery looks severe and likely to last longer.