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Super Tuesday has arrived and votes are being counted across 14 states and one territory in arguably the most important day in the Democratic primary calendar.

The week is shaping up as a watershed moment: former Vice President Joe Biden claimed a resounding victory in South Carolina, which was followed closely by the end of Pete Buttigieg's and Amy Klobuchar's campaigns. Both candidates endorsed Biden before the Super Tuesday polling day. 

Though vote-counting is still underway, projections look increasingly favourable for  Biden, who appears to have won the most states. Bernie Sanders, however, is set to secure the biggest prize of Super Tuesday: California. Sanders currently holds a comfortable lead over Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg in the state. With its 416 delegates in play, it is by far the largest state, seconded by Texas with 228 delegates.

The full results of Super Tuesday could take weeks after huge numbers of constituents sent in postal votes before the ballot. California's vote-by-mail system, for example, allows voters to post their ballots as late as midnight on election day. This means votes could continue to trickle in for days after the polls have closed.