This week's edition of The 45th newsletter.

You'd have to be a brave political prognosticator to claim to know the outcome from Thursday's bilateral meeting between President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull onboard the USS Intrepid museum. The pair's notorious phone call in January garnered international attention precisely because it seemed so unlikely a snafu between two long-term allies.

Will Trump take the opportunity to publicly mend ties with his Australian counterpart, as with other foreign dignitaries who've visited the United States in recent months? Will there be a statement on the controversial refugee deal between the two countries? Will Trump's Twitter account betray the niceties in the hours following the face to face? 

Given that the commemoration of the Battle of the Coral Sea honours the historic military alliance between Australia and the United States, it would be a highly inappropriate stage for comments that further damage the relationship. But history has mattered little in Trump's first 100 days.

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