The United States Studies Centre and the Centre for International Security Studies hosted an expert panel and roundtable discussion for visiting members of the US The Joint Chiefs of Staff /Office of the Secretary of Defense Internship program.

The internship program s a three-phase, degree-producing program for officers with outstanding potential for future service in the Army.  They undertake a Master's Degree in Policy Management from Georgetown University's prestigious Public Policy Institute, followed by two one-year internships in the Pentagon. The interns visited Sydney as part of a tour of Australia, South Korea and Japan.

The 14 officers from the US military were briefed by a panel of experts on Asia-Pacific perspectives on foreign policy and international security. The officers also engaged in a roundtable discussion with 50 undergraduate and postgraduate University of Sydney students to exchange ideas, share points of views and learn from each other. 

"Nothing says more about the strength of our Australian-United States relationship than the eager anticipation I saw and heard from our young US officers for this opportunity.   The officers were overwhelmingly positive about the insights gained from and the opportunity to learn from the Australian students.  Such an experience will ultimately result in a better interoperable and culturally sensitive future military officer and leader." - COL Joe Judge, Army Attache, US Embassy Canberra. Download a copy of the speakers' presentations:

Listen to the expert panels' podcast.