Today, the United States Studies Centre (USSC) releases a whole-of-Centre analysis: Biden vs Trump: An Australian guide to the issues. It covers the broad array of policy positions a prospective Biden or second Trump administration could take and the impact for Australia with a strong consensus that even after the pandemic, US relations with China will be the dominant issue for either administration.

“Beyond barley tariffs or coronavirus accusations, the US relationship with China will continue to shape the majority of US policy that impacts Australia,” USSC CEO Professor Simon Jackman says, “Whether it’s facing the hard power of defence, the soft power of economic coercion or the subversive power of disinformation, a new 
Biden or second Trump administration’s approach to China shapes Australia’s approach to China.”

The report is a compilation of analysis from 20 different US politics, foreign policy, 
economics and cultural experts and forms a comprehensive guide for Australians to quickly compare the policy implications of a Trump or Biden administration.

Professor Jackman adds, “Biden is picking his running mate and the next two weeks will see this year’s delayed conventions. The election season has kicked off in earnest and the Centre wants to provide an important look at the range of policies as the campaigning heats up.”

This is the first Centre-wide publication for the 2020 election, but more in-depth analysis of specific topics, a closer look at polling pitfalls and the latest in the race to 270 electoral college delegates will continue to feature in USSC publications, webinars and analysis over the coming months to the election and inauguration.

All experts featured in the report are available for interviews or briefings. To book an interview or briefing please contact:

Media are welcome to film our next Election Watch webinar: The perils of pre-election polling at 10am on 18 August (AEST).

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