US Studies Centre Professor of Legal Policy, David Weisbrot AM has been honoured by the National Health and Medical Council (NHMRC) for his exceptional work in the field of health and medical research.  

At the 2010 NHMRC Excellence Awards, Professor Weisbrot was awarded the Outstanding Contribution Award in recognition of a decade’s work devising policy to deal with the challenging ethical, legal and social implications of developments in genetics and genetic technology.  

This has included leading the Australian Law Reform Commission-NHMRC inquiry into the protection of human genetic information that culminated in the internationally acclaimed Essentially Yours report in 2003. Weisbrot has since appeared before the US Secretary of Health’s Advisory Committee on Genetics, Health and Society to testify about the report’s findings.  

Weisbrot was appointed Professor of Legal Policy at the US Studies Centre in February 2010. In this role he researches and provides commentary on US legal policy and the implications for Australia.  

He is also Professor of Law and Governance at Macquarie University and is an Emeritus Professor of Law and an Honorary Professorial Fellow in Medicine at the University of Sydney.