US President Barack Obama will deliver the annual State of the Union address to a special joint session of Congress on Tuesday 20 January, 9pm Washington time (Wednesday 21 January, 1pm Sydney time).

President Obama will outline his agenda for the coming year, including a range of proposed cyber-security measures, as he prepares to face for the first time a Congress ruled by the opposition Republican Party. The President's speech will be followed immediately afterwards by a reply from a Republican Party spokesperson.

The United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney has a team of expert commentators available to discuss all aspects of the address, including Obama’s plans for the final two years of his presidency and the challenges he faces in implementing his progressive program.

Experts available for commentary are:

  • Professor Bates Gill: CEO of the US Studies Centre (in Washington DC)
  • Dr Brendon O'Connor: Associate professor in American politics
  • Dr David Smith: Lecturer in US politics and foreign policy
  • Tom Switzer: Research associate with the US Studies Centre and editor of the Spectator Australia
  • Dr Thomas Adams: Lecturer in history and American studies
  • Professor Simon Jackman: Visiting professor at the US Studies Centre and professor of political science at Stanford University, based in California
  • Dr Nicole Hemmer: Research associate with the US Studies Centre and visiting assistant professor, University of Miami, based in Florida
  • Professor Charles Shipan: Visiting fellow at the US Studies Centre and J. Ira and Nicki Harris Professor of Social Sciences at the University of Michigan
  • Malcolm Jorgensen: Lecturer at the US Studies Centre
  • James Brown: Director of the US Studies Centre's Alliance 21 project, (in Washington DC)
  • Dr Harry Melkonian: Senior lecturer at the US Studies Centre
  • Dr Adam Lockyer: Visiting scholar with the US Studies Centre and senior lecturer in security studies at Macquarie University

MEDIA ENQUIRIES: Jonathan Bradley T 0411 864 702 E